On first anniversary, Transurban says 59 percent of drivers have used 95 Express Lanes

Transurban says 59 percent of drivers have used 95 Express Lanes (ABC7)

This week marks one year since tolls started being collected on the 95 Express Lanes.

"I think its a great option, I mean if you're in a bind and you need to get somewhere and don't want to sit in traffic all day, its the way to go.

Marteme Rhed typically uses the 95 express lanes once a month, except in the summer when she says she hops pays to avoid major delays in the main lanes.

"I think the most I've probably paid was maybe 8 or 9 dollars," says Rhed.

According to a recent survey by Transurban, the company operating the lanes, 59 percent of area drivers have used the lanes, 73 percent of drivers see the benefit of having the lanes.

"I think there is definitely a difference commute is about 30 minutes or an hour shorter when I go South," one driver tells ABC7.

According to the survey, 41 percent of people who travel the lanes do so for vacation, 33 percent to commute to work, 35 percent to commute home or visit family.

However, some say drivers don't use the lanes, adding that the the tolls are too expensive.

"I can go on Route 1 for free when the highway is too full."

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