Olijawon Griffin: Mother Lunette Griffin pushes for teen suspects to be charged as adults

Lunette Griffin speaks about her son. (Photo: WJLA)

It is been barely been 48 hours since Lunette Griffin identified her dead son's body.

But on Monday afternoon, she sat in front of the D.C. Office of the Attorney General after fighting, she said, to get six of the nine teens who are facing charges as juveniles instead charged as adults in her son’s slaying.

All are accused in an attack at the Woodley Park Metro that left her 18-year-old son, Olijawon Griffin, dead.

“I am going to get a petition to try those guys ,all six of them that are 17-years-old, tried as adults just to sit back and think about what they have done,” Lunette said.

Only one 17-year-old is currently charged as an adult. Chavez Myers confessed to the killing but told a police officer that he acted in self-defense, according to police documents.

Myers was ordered held without bond Monday. Though he said he acted in self-defense, security footage from the station shows Myers "sneaking up behind" Griffin and stabbing him once in the chest as Griffin fought with someone else, a detective wrote in documents charging Myers in the death.

Myers faces charges of second-degree murder while armed, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Police say the teen stabbed Griffin after the group of teenagers robbed Griffin of his brand new $400 jacket in Adams Morgan Friday night.

According to court documents, stabbing victim Olijawon Griffin thought he was buying marijuana off several teenagers but instead they beat and robbed him of his cell phone and jacket at gun point.

After the robbery, Griffin, his cousin, and a friend went to Woodley Park Metro to go home. Once down an escalator, police say they encountered the group of teens who had just robbed him. Griffin demanded the jacket back but was told by the teen wearing it, "You're going to have to see us!" according to the charging documents.

Security footage from the Metro station shows Griffin, who was unarmed, approaching several of the teenagers to fight, police say. As Griffin exchanged punches with one of the other teenagers, a knife-wielding Myers sneaked up from behind and stabbed Griffin once in the chest while his back was turned. A friend Griffin was with sustained a fractured nose in the fight.

The nine teenagers were detained at the Metro station. Under questioning, police say Myers said he stabbed Griffin in self-defense but denied having been involved in the robbery earlier in the night.

Myers faces a preliminary hearing Nov. 30.

Lunette says her son was a honor roll student at Sherwood High in Olney who graduated last year. He played on the football team. She argues it took more than one teen to kill her son.

She believes the combined actions of the group ended in her son's murder and they should be punished accordingly – and as adults.

“He was 6 foot one and more than 200 pounds,” she says. “And without their help, Olijawon would have never been stabbed.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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