Officials looking to implement pedestrian-only streets in Arlington County

Arlington County may be joining the movement toward pedestrian-only streets. (Photo, ABC7)

Arlington County wants to get on board with cities across the world that have pedestrian-only streets.

“You see a lot of families here and strollers. It’s just more safe,” says Seng Peng, who works in the Court House area.

Right now, a proposal would lock down North Uhle Street, from Clarendon Blvd. to 14th St., next to the Court House Metro Station. In Rosslyn, 18th St. from Moore to Oak, down to the Rosslyn Metro.

“As a commuter, so when come in in the mornings there is a lot of pedestrian traffic that kind of clogs things up over there. If you move that over to here, that would probably be better,” says Robert Clare, who works in Rosslyn.

But there’s a big and tall problem, a building blocks the proposed path.

“Oh it’s not going to happen anytime soon,” says Jay Fisette, the Vice Chairman of the Arlington Co. Board.

Fisette says he and his colleagues will vote this month of whether to add a policy that allows the roads to exist in the future.

“The street isn’t there yet, but the plan allows for 10, 20, 40 years down the road, when that private property owner is ready to reinvest and develop, to build to the plan,” says Fisette.

Fisette says it could be just a few years.

Melissa Mitchell spends time walking around Rosslyn for her job.

“A lot of times now, people aren’t necessarily paying attention while they’re driving, so areas where pedestrians know they’re safe is almost better for them,” says Mitchell.

It would be the first time pedestrian-only streets are designated in Arlington County.

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