Officials: Broken gas line causes evacuations at college in Montgomery County

(Photo, ABC7)

A broken gas line at Montgomery College, Germantown caused the evacuation of buildings, include a child care center, and brought hazmat crews to the scene Monday, according to authorities.

The Montgomery County Fire Department says that the gas leak happened at the IAO Science Building at 20200 Observation Drive. As many as six buildings on campus were evacuated and the children and close to one thousand students and staff were evacuated, officials say.

The gas leak, which was caused when a four-inch gas line broke, is now under control, according to the fire department but classes were canceled until 5 p.m. and some buildings were without gas.

The gas company turned off the gas and the child care center is being reoccupied, according to authorities.

Hazmat teams and firefighters are on the scene and watching over the area. The fire had department reported a smell of gas through the area.

All roads to Montgomery College were closed as fire crews responded but have since reopened.

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