GMU Law School to become Antonin Scalia School of Law (ASSOL)

GMU Law School to become Antonin Scalia School of Law (ABC7)

FAIRFAX, Va. (ABC7) -- Lawyers are trained to argue, and students at the George Mason University Law School are showing off their talent.

"The joke is on us. I am paying $150,000 for a joke," said Alyssa Davies, a first year student.

Davies thought it was an April Fool's joke until the dean confirmed a name change on Thursday.

The Arlington building and her diploma will read the Antonin Scalia School of Law.

It's already posted on monitors inside the building.

"I'm alright with it. I understand it's a lot of money. The school has to do what they have to do," said Nick Fischer, first year student.

The late justice is remembered for his conservative rulings, which is leading to a debate. Students say the administration did not ask for their opinions before making the announcement.

"By putting Scalia on it, it's kind of putting a big bright neon sign saying now we're very conservative," said Erich Grome, first year student.

But the name change is tied to $30 million dollars in scholarship money.

"This is a statement about an outstanding jurist who was voted 98-0 to be put on the Supreme Court," said David Rehr, Senior Associate Dean, George Mason Law School.

Rehr says an anonymous donor who put up two-thirds of the money wants Scalia's name on the building.

The Anotonin Scalia School of Law has an acronym too racy to say on television but it's another reason Davies said she cried.

"If you wanted to work for an LGBT firm or an immigration firm to help refugees and you have a diploma that says I am a Scalia alum, your clients aren't going to want to ask you to represent them," said Davies.

The name will be on the building by July 1, as long as the Virginia State Board of Education approves the change.

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