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'Nobody could have anticipated this': Falls Church bike shop sees surge in sales

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(ABC7 photo)
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The coronavirus pandemic has brought a boost in bike sales for Jan Feuchtner, “The past month has been a pretty wild ride.”

His bike shop Bikenetic in Falls Church, Virginia has seen a surge in business, “We’ve hade freight trucks showing up with pallets of new bikes," says Feuchtner.

He explains this is unlike anything he has ever seen in his 20 plus years in the business, “Christmas time and the beginning of Spring is generally busy, but nothing like this," says says Feuchtner.

The demand is so high there are now concerns of a bike shortage, “If our curve in bike sales doesn’t see a decline, then I would say everybody is going to run out of bikes," says Feuchtner, he goes on to say “nobody could have anticipated this type of volume.”

The Bikenetic staff is working overtime to fuel the demand as customers are eager to get outside and ride. He says “We have some people that walk in and say I really need a bike now” and because of social distancing rules they’re enforcing, anxious customers have to wait outside the store.

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For Feuchtner and his team the long hours are gratifying, “To see kids and families it seems to bring back the joy that they remembered, that they haven’t done in so long.” He goes on to say “From that aspect it’s really amazing.”

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