New litter of puppies named after fallen officers

New litter of puppies named after fallen officers (ABC7)

A new litter of puppies is honoring fallen officers and helping their names live on.

Tracey McMenamy is more than a dog lover. She is a foster parent for a rescue organization, and the wife of a police officer.

Her husband has been serving for 12 years.

McMenamy says the dogs give her comfort. Her husband's profession is a source of pride, but also fear, especially this year as 16 cops have been killed in the line of duty nationwide.

"As a wife, it's scary for me that we've lost that many police officers," she says.

When McMenamy's latest rescue dog gave birth to a big litter, she decided to name them after fallen officers, including the five killed in Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.

Unfortunately though, the litter of 10 still isn't big enough.

"Not having enough puppies to name all of those fallen officers is scary and it's sad"

In a wonderful twist, one of the dogs named Leotta - after Officer Noah Leotta who was killed in December by a drunk driver - is said to be adopted by the Leotta family.

"Our biggest message [to officers]," McMenamy says, "Is to stay safe out there."

If you are interested in adopting or donating, visit Operation Paws for Homesor find them on Facebook.

UPDATE: After posting this story, we learned that Officer Guindon's aunt, who lives in Ellicott City, will be adopting the puppy named after her niece.

In addition, Officer Colson's parents will also be adopting the dog named after their son too!

Adoption day is said to be April 23.

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