New generation preps for STEM job demand

WASHINGTON (NewsChannel 8) - Summer camp has gone high-tech.

"It's amazing to capture that curiosity at that time because they are sponges at that point," said Dan Morais, Site Director for TIC Summer Camp at the D.C. campus.

These campers are creating, building and problem solving.

"Just be able to like invent things, it just could mean so much to a person," said camper Jessica Solomon.

The TIC Summer Camp, at the high school campus of the Georgetown Day School, makes science and technology fun.

"It's empowering to see kids not only being consumers but being creators," said Robert Cobb, technology director for TIC-DC Director.

This is a generation that grew up with the internet and cell phones. Technology is a part of their world and likely their future careers.

"If I learn these skills here a lot more jobs open up with high pay," said Jibreel Uddin, a camper.

Stem careers are abundant in Washington, D.C.

The Brookings Institution’s recent report shows that more than 55-percent of job postings, from the first quarter of 2013, required STEM skills. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

The metro area ranks second in the nation for tech jobs that require bachelor’s degrees and second with the largest number of job postings.

The students learn to make films, animations, and even robots. They range in ages from 7 to 15.

"I know a lot of kids, who are really interested in YouTube or games, but I have made games and I have made them work. And I have made websites and I have put YouTube videos in those websites," said camper Kira Henstenburg.

"The ability for them to come back year after year and developing is amazing to watch," said Morais.

The Brookings Institution reports that STEM jobs take longer to fill. That may not be a worry once these campers start job hunting.

"I only have eight more years until I have to choose, it's not all that long," said Uddin.

For more information on TIC Summer Camps, visit their website at

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