New drug addiction treatment center opens in Anne Arundel County

New drug addiction treatment center opens in Anne Arundel County. (John Gonzalez/ABC7)

Like many corners of the country, Maryland has a problem and the problem is growing.

A new drug addiction treatment center in Linthicum called Maryland House Detox is trying to change the dynamics of early treatment.

The problem of heroin and opioid addiction is widespread in the state. A few months back ABC7 introduced you to the group, The Calvert 9, who were recovering addicts that turned to methadone for treatment.

“By the time you realize that you’re addicted it’s too late,” said Ted Allen, a recovering addict.

The new Maryland detox center will hold 16 beds when it opens late May. The goal is to have 80 to 100 patients walk through the doors each month.

It will be the first standalone inpatient detox center in Maryland. The average stay will be between five and eight days.

Maryland saw over 1,500 opioid-related deaths for the first nine months last year, including nearly 2,000 deaths tied to fentanyl. But the Maryland Department of Health fears this year’s numbers will be even higher.

“The reality is, this jump starts the rest of their recovery,” Chief Medical Officer Dr. Neeraj Gandotra said.

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