New Audi models will show you stoplight times in D.C.


Who hasn't been there stuck at a light, wondering when it will turn green?

Then, at some point, it finally turns green only for you to be stuck a few hundred feet ahead at another stoplight.

But the days of unsynchronized lights could soon be over.

In new Audi vehicles, the car will communicate with the stoplight to show how many seconds are remaining on the red light.

“If we get the information from Audi on where the folks are stopping, we can use that information to identify hot spots and use that information for signal timing optimization,” said Shomo Dey, DDOT’s associate director of traffic operations and safety.

Right now, light optimization timing is only done every five years because of costs and required studies. D.C. currently has 700 equipped smart traffic lights, with Audi and DDOT hoping to convert all 1,600 lights over in the near future.

For those who don’t drive an Audi, you can also still benefit from the technology. There will be enough cars on the road feeding data to the city that it will make a difference for everyone on the road in the D.C.

Watch ABC7 transportation reporter Sam Sweeney’s video above for more.

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