1st grader walks out of class with a mission in Alexandria on National School Walkout Day

Havana Chapman-Edwards (Family Photo)

A first grader in Alexandria was the lone student at her school to join in the walkout on National School Walkout Day.

At first, 7-year-old Havana Chapman-Edwards was devastated that she was the only student in her class at Fort Hunt Elementary School to walk out.

"It really sank my heart to pieces," Havana. said.

According to ABC7's Tim Barber, Havana's mom signed her daughter out of school because the elementary schooler said she wanted to participate in the national walkout.

Her mom says she was crushed to see Havana sitting by herself, but then she became inspired by her daughter for standing up for what she believes in.

So, Havana's mom snapped a few photographs of her daughter sitting outside of the school alone.

Havana told Barber she was inspired by the Parkland High School students who have been pushing politicians to protect kids from school shootings that have plagued the country since Columbine.

For 13 seconds, Havana and her mom sat in silence to honor the 13 people who lost their lives at Columbine, which happend 19 years ago today.

Havana says that she wore her orange astronaut suit because she wants to show the world black girls are strong leaders.

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