NAACP meeting addresses KKK fliers recently found in several communities in Loudoun County

Many of the KKK fliers were passed out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. (ABC7)

Dozens of people packed Monday night’s NAACP meeting in Loudoun County to voice concerns about an investigation into KKK fliers that were recently scattered throughout the area.

“That is a direct threat to the Jews and African Americans in our community,” one resident said.

Said another, “While I refuse to be intimidated, I also refuse to be silent."

Many of the fliers were passed out on Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend.

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Federal, state, county and city officials said there is a difference between hate speech – which is protected under the First Amendment – and a hate crime, which is against the law.

“Nobody wants to see this in their community,” said Jim Plowman with the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. “We do have to stay within the confines of the law.”

FBI agents, who are also investigating the fliers, say they are still investigating whether or not a crime has been committed.

“If we have determined a violation of the law, we will pursue it as far as we can,” Special Agent Keith Palli said.

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