Mother demands answers after daughter with autism walks out of day care in Maryland

Kamara Hunter (Family Photo)

Tawana Queen Carter told ABC7 News she could not believe what she was seeing on Monday afternoon when she saw a little girl in front of her house all alone.

When she approached the child, the girl just sat down in the middle of the street.

"She was just walking down the street… and then with no coat on and 40-degree weather, it was just crazy," said Carter.

The child was nine-year-old Kamara Hunter—described by her mother as autistic and non-verbal, she had walked out of her after-school day care at Avalon Elementary in Ft. Washington. As she sat in the street, her mother says the day care center didn’t know where she was.

"They called me at 5:18 telling me that Kamara had left the building .... she was missing, they didn’t know where she was. I'm in frantic mode because I work two hours away," Karen Stevenson told ABC7.

By the time Stevenson arrived, Carter had gotten Kamara back to the school.

"It just seems she roamed out of the building, down the street and thank God for Miss Carter," said Stevenson.

The day care center operates in a Prince George’s County school but is run by an independent company called Alpha Best Education.

A school system spokesperson told ABC7 they too want answers from the company and a child protective services investigation is underway.

But for Stevenson, that is hardly the end of it. She says she wants to see school security footage to understand who lost track of her little girl.

"I still haven’t gotten any answers that I need and I want," said Stevenson.

On Wednesday evening, Alpha Best Education, which operates nationwide, told ABC7 this is a first-time occurrence for the company. They say the three staffers who were on duty when Kamara was able to wander away have since been terminated from their positions and an internal investigation is currently underway.

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