Montgomery County Students Learn Financial Literacy Through Rock and Roll

Montgomery County Students Learn Financial Literacy Through Rock and Roll. (ABC7 photo)

The first part of the lesson at George Washington's Lisner Auditorium was entertainment. Montgomery County High School students rocked it out to the music of Gooding.

Hanna Zerihun is a senior at Springbrook High and explained to ABC7 News, "It's kind of like fun to listen to rock and roll kind of have fun then get to the serious side. Like okay, we've got to talk about serious stuff now."

Serious stuff like finance. Musician Gooding told the crowd, "Control your money or it's going to control you."

Transitioning from rocker to financial advisor, Gooding gave it to the students straight. He provided a multi-media presentation and talkback that covered everything from the danger of credit card debt to the money woes of the rich and famous.

Springbrook junior Ishmael Janneh liked the approach.

"It was really helpful. It reminds me that I need to save up for one thing," Janneh said.

Gooding got the inspiration to merge money and music after making his own financial mistakes. Now he partners with institutions like the Meakem Group and Raymond James Financial to bring financial literacy to young people. Traci Richmond of Meakem Group and Raymond James Financial helped sponsor the event.

"They listen to the rock and roll music and become really connected with the band so that they're open to what the band has to say afterwards about financial literacy," Gooding shared.

Gooding advised students to take a slow and steady approach to finances.

"We want to see these communities really realize that if you're saving a little bit at a time you can empower people and turn lives around with it," Gooding offered.

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