Montgomery County schools facing cuts

Teachers say they feel targeted by the Montgomery County Council, which Wednesday informally approved slashing $107 million from the schools and taking $20 million of a school system's account and putting it under control of the council.

Council members want the school board to make up for that difference by requiring employees to pay more for their health and retirement benefits.

But the school board can do whatever it has to do.

Mike Bednarcik has taught in Montgomery county schools for 27 years. And he’s not happy.

"They are asking us to do more with less every single year,” he said. “It has got to stop somewhere."

County Executive Ike Leggett had proposed cutting $82 million from schools in his budget proposal. He understands teachers are frustrated.

A council spokesperson explained that 25 percent of the county's 975,000 residents have children in public schools. The school system says it's expecting 3,000 new students next year - in the face of tough economic times all around.

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