Montgomery County officials announce plans for a 'bus rapid transit'

Picture of a bus rapid transit. (ABC7 photo)

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett announced plans and funding for a bus rapid transit along busy corridors plagued with wall-to-wall traffic on Wednesday.

"With the state's cooperation, we could have BRT operated along our first corridor in less than four years," said Leggett

The first section would have buses like these along Route-29 from Burtonsville to the Silver Spring Transit Center.

The County plans to turn some of the existing road shoulders into dedicated bus lanes.

"We want people to chose to get on the bus and you do that when you have a high quality service, which bus rapid transit offers. We want it to have wi-fi, dedicated lanes, faster and more efficient," said Councilman Roger Berliner.

Leggett also proposed putting bus rapid transit along MD- 355.

He's including 5 million in his budget for the proposal and asking the state to match that money.

Within the next two years Leggett would also like to add priority limited-stop, Ride-On service between the Lakeforest Transit Center and the Medical Center metro stop.

"I think that's a great idea, its a good solution because it's literally like a parking lot when you drive," one current bus rider told ABC7.

However, some residents weren't convinced it would fix the daily bumper-to-bumper back-ups.

"Probably not, people just love to drive," a local resident said.

Leggett's plan now head to the county council for consideration.

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