Montgomery County millennial quits job and retrofits bus so he can travel across U.S.


"Why not go big and epic?"

Phil Risher is about to embrace his inner Jack Kerouac.

"This is where I am going to be sleeping,” Risher said. “I have my nice sleeping bag to keep me warm."

The 27-year-old college grad recently quit his sales job, bought an old Catholic school bus and retrofitted the interior.

On Monday, Risher and his cocker spaniel-beagle mix, Tooney, will escape normalcy, embarking on a three-month journey across the U.S.

The pre-mapped route – more than 15,000 miles – with stops at places like the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, Mount Rushmore and Nashville.

Risher's bus is powered, in part, by portable solar panels.

It has a composting toilet, cushioned sitting area and pump-activated sink.

The trip's price tag – school bus included – around $16,000.

"I'm a normal guy,” Risher said. “I didn't do anything special, I didn't win the lottery, never made six figures."

Instead, Risher paid off $30,000 in student loans, and saved, religiously.

The bright blue bus, his form of carpe diem.

"Just go for it because when you get to 65, who knows if you'll still be in good health, who knows if your spouse will want to do it, you never know what comes,” Risher said. “If you have the opportunity to do it now, why not go for it?"

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