Molly Sachs, Gallaudet University, arrested for allegedly dealing drugs

A local college student from Gallaudet University is in big trouble Monday after police say she was busted with a huge stash of drugs that she intended to distribute it to others.

According to 31-year-old Molly Sachs' online resume, she is a senior at Gallaudet University with plans of graduating in May. She’s in a sorority and loves to do volunteer work.

D.C. police say Sunday night they arrested her after a sizeable amount of marijuana, pills and cash were found in her dorm room. Police allege she was dealing.

According to court documents, a resident adviser called campus police after smelling marijuana coming from a dorm room.

D.C. police arrived and said they found almost two pounds of marijuana, 700 assorted prescription pills, scales and drug paraphernalia, dozens of fudge bars and chocolates which contained marijuana and were allegedly wrapped and ready for distribution and $1,460 in cash hidden in a closet.

Gallaudet University stated: “The matter has been referred to the metropolitan police department for further investigation and the Gallaudet University department of public safety is cooperating fully with the investigation."

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