Miriam's Kitchen Curbside Cookoff in D.C.

It's lunchtime at Miriam's Kitchen in Foggy Bottom. The volunteers are hard at work whipping up nutritious meals for those who can't afford any.

“Here at Miriam's on an annual basis, we serve 74,000 meals to a population of about 5,000 homeless people,” said Emily Hagel, Kitchen Operations Assistant Director.

A consistent act of kindness is catching the attention of those with kitchens on wheels. Alex Tsamouras is joining 19 other food truck owners this weekend who are hosting a "Curbside Cookoff" in southeast D.C. for Miriam's Kitchen. About 10,000 customers are expected. A dollar donation for the homeless will be asked of each of them at the gate.

“Giving back to the community is really important,” said Alex Tsamouras, Feelin' Crabby owner. “It's all about thinking about others and what you can do for them.”

Every dollar pumped into Miriam's Kitchen provides one guest a balanced lunch or dinner.

The “Curbside Cookoff” kicks off Saturday from noon until 9 p.m. at the Capital Riverfront.

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