Michael & Son Service makes woman's dream come true

The red carpet was rolled out for a Montgomery County woman battling a fatal disease.

Amanda Mahmood, 22, suffers from severe pulmonary hypertension and down syndrome.

Wednesday night, her dream of sharing her art with the public came true.

Mahmood could hardly believe her eyes when she stepped inside the Payramid Art Center in Silver Spring.

She's been drawing since she was a toddler. As an adult, she wished her work would be sold in a gallery.

Sara Mahmood, Amanda's little sister, said, "As long as I can remember, she's always loved to draw and paint, and it's awesome for her to have the opportunity to share it with all our friends and family, and she deserves it."

Amanda's mom, Rosemarie Mahmood, added, "It's hard to put into words, but I am so touched, so grateful and so happy that this is happening for Amanda."

Rosemarie said the event started as a visit from the electrician.

When "Michael & Son Services" learned about Amanda and how much money her family was paying in medical bills, they knew they had to act.

Shadi Tahrawi, the project manager of the Michael & Son Cares Program, explained, "It's urgency. That's what sets in, and we want to do as much as we can as quickly as we can for them."

Tahrawi assembled his "care" team to celebrate the art of Amanda's life.

He said the 22-year-old can teach us all perseverance and the true meaning of character.

"You can express yourself quietly without having to, you know, make a bunch of noise. Amanda can look at you and you can tell right away that way she's feeling about something," Tahrawi continued.

Her mom added, "Her spirits still are very high in spite of all this that's happening to her."

Prints of Amanda's drawings are available for purchase with all the proceeds benefiting her medical care.

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