MGM National Harbor set to mark 1 year opening

MGM National Harbor, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 (ABC7 photo)

One year ago tomorrow MGM National Harbor opened its doors to much fanfare and with a bold promise to...“forever change the business and tourism landscape of the region,” said the MGM’s general manager.

In one year, it has become the highest grossing casino in Maryland with revenue through November approaching $600,000,000. It has also become Prince George’s County’s top taxpayer says Deputy County Administrator Tom Himler, and he is counting.

“A lot current budget year we’re in we’re projecting $32 million from MGM operations,” said Himler.

There were fears and much opposition to the massive casino. Crime was a concern, so was traffic. Neither has proven to be a serious problem. Prince George’s County Police are compiling stats at ABC7 News’ request but there has been little violence and not much theft. As for traffic, neighbors who worried now say it’s not bad.

“I haven’t seen anything bad happen since it’s been here,” said James Hardaway, a Oxon Hill resident.

Not all are so pleased. Marilyn Salmon says the casino was sold to voters as a cure all. She says it’s not.

“We have one day a week trash pickup, there’s leaves everywhere, the roads are horrible, we’re not getting any help from that, it’s just down there,” said Salmon.

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