Metro's SafeTrack program to hit Montgomery County

Metro's SafeTrack program to hit Montgomery County. (ABC7 photo)

Heads up Montgomery County. Metro's SafeTrack program is headed your way.

Sections of the Red Line will be going off-line starting in August.

One commuter was shocked to hear the news.

"Oh, that's awful for us because that's our main transportation," said one rider.

So if you live or work in spots like Rockville, be prepared to hear two words you never want to hear dealing with Metro--shuttle buses.

Chloe Pance who commutes from Rockville to D.C. every day said, "Honestly I really don't know how I am going to get to work downtown."

Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan wants the State to step in and help pay for shuttle buses and not dump all the cost on county tax payers.

Montgomery County thinks shuttle buses will cost them anywhere between $350,000 to a million bucks.

Senator Cheryl Kagan said, "Do we want a shuttle bus that comes every half-hour or so, or do we want one that comes every 5 or 10 minutes?"

Senator Kagan jumped into the SafeTrack discussion thru a letter she sent to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. She flat out called Safe Track, "an emergency transportation issue." The Senator from Rockville wants the Governor to hand over $1 million to pay for shuttle buses.

Kagan is already aware that Virginia has promised $1 million dollars to help pay for shuttle buses.

Senator Kagan said, "Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe did come up with the money in an Executive Order to help fund extra transportation options during Virginia's shutdown."

We reached out to Governor Hogan's Office and so far there is no decision on whether Maryland will kick in some state funds to cover the cost of shuttle buses.

Click here to read Senator Kagan's letter to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, or view below.

Gov. Hogan's Letter

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