Metro passengers sweating it out on hot, new 7000 series cars

Metro passengers sweating it out on hot, new 7000 series cars (ABC7)

Metro riders are left steaming again after a problem with the system's newest cars, the 7000 series.

This time, the problem is with busted air conditioners that have passengers sweating.

Metro says the 7000 series cars are supposed to be more reliable and more comfortable, but some of the new cars are forcing riders to sweat it out.

Despite being the newest in the fleet, some of the 7000’s have an issue with keeping the A/C on.

ABC7’s Transportation Reporter Brianne Carter found a hot car on the second train she got on along the red line Tuesday.

During Carter’s commute to the end of the red line, the temperature soared beyond 90 degrees

Metro says there is an issue with the onboard computer on the new trains when voltage fluctuates.

In a statement, Metro spokesperson, Richard Jordan, says: “In the interest of protecting the railcar, the onboard computers will turn off the HVAC systems and then require a reset before air handling resumes. These cars are all under manufacturer warranty and Kawasaki technicians are here at Metro to address any issues quickly.

Riders say that having issues with the new cars, so soon, is frustrating.

“I was dry when I got on that car. Now, I’m sweating, pouring,” Willie Hill said. “For a person not in good health ... they’re in trouble.”

Metro says on the majority of the cars the A/C works well and they are working on a permanent fix to keep the cars cool.

Kawasaki is working on a software upgrade to make sure that if there is a needed reset when the voltage fluctuates, the A/C will continue to work while the reset is occurring.

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