Metro flashers: Transit Police seek men accused of exposing themselves on trains

    Surveillance images of one of the men accused of exposing themselves on the Metro. (Photo: Metro Transit Police)

    WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Metro Transit Police are searching for four men who allegedly exposed themselves on Metro trains.

    The rush to get around on the Metro can be a frantic one. But, according to police, four men recently made the ride miserable for four women. Authorities say in the last several weeks, these men have exposed themselves to female passengers while aboard a train.

    There have been three cases on the Red Line and one on the Green Line from late August to early October. The Red Line locations were Gallery Place-Chinatown, Glenmont and Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood. The Green Line location was Naylor Road.

    “It’s really offensive and, as a woman, you shouldn’t have to be subjected to that,” said Metro rider Deborah Jordan.

    “It’s a bit astonishing, to be honest, because there are so many people around all the time,” said rider Jesse Sellers.

    Metro Transit Police say the four incidents have occurred on trains, in some cases, right before a stop; then, the men flee when the doors open.

    “So they’re just flashing and running? That is very disturbing,” Sellers said.

    Police were able to obtain images of the flashers based on witness information and the fact that there are there are thousands of cameras in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) system.

    “They got cameras all over this place—the inside, the outside, in every little crevice,” said rider Julius Love. “How you goin’ act out like that, knowing there’s a camera?”

    WMATA officials are concerned about these cases, because they fear these types of crimes can escalate to more serious sexual misconduct.

    “I hope they catch these guys, because that’s kinda gross,” Sellers said.

    None of the suspects faces charges at this time.

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