Prince George's County mother speaks out about son murdered after minor fender bender

Sammy Robinson II. (Family photo)

Vanessa Robinson sits in her living room, heartbroken. Her 31-year-old son, Sammy Robinson II, was murdered last weekend. She finds herself sharing stories that go back to his infancy.

She says he’s always been a caring person, their relationship close. There is comfort in those memories. But the pain is strong.

She last saw her son Friday. Early Saturday morning, Sammy drove a friend home and then went missing.

Police found his body Sunday morning in the yard of a house in Forest Heights. He had been shot.

The mystery of what happened unraveled with the arrest of 37-year-old George Bell.

Law enforcement sources say detectives believe Bell and Robinson had a minor fender bender and when Bell couldn’t produce insurance info he told Robinson to follow him to a neighborhood. In front of a house, the two men got out.

Bell allegedly pulled out a gun and fired as Robinson tried to run.

It was more than 24 hours before police found Robinson’s body.

Bell has been charged with first-degree murder and is now behind bars.

For Vanessa Robinson that’s only small comfort.

“It hurts me so bad that they took my baby and took him away from us," she said. "Over something small! Over something small. They need to put an end to these guns."

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