Md. Highway Administration investigates snowblower incident

(WJLA) - They are big and powerful, clearing mountains of snow from vital roads. But in the process, one snowblower in particular ended up clobbering some homes.

The avalanche of snow slush and rocks from I-270 did a lot of damage, resulting in pock-marked siding, shattered windows, and yards covered in rocks, dirt, and debris. It also rattled some nerves.

Donald Dominick says on Friday morning, he got a real scare:

“Like an earthquake, the whole house shook."

The homeowner says the slush quickly turned to ice and ended up trapping him inside of his own house.

"The ice was up to here and I couldn't open the door," he says.

The big snowblowers are usually used in the western section of the state deployed on I-270 – and homes in Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Rockville all got smacked along the way.

"Clearly something went wrong. It's totally unacceptable," says Maryland Highway Administration spokesperson Valerie Burnette Edgar.

On Tuesday, the Maryland Highway Administration is still scrambling to deal with all of the complaints coming in. It’s also pointing a finger at contractors used during last week’s storm.
"We're doing an investigation to see what where this happened to figure out which contractor, to make sure next time the operations are more of what we expect: normal and safe operations," Edgar says.

Meanwhile, a lot of homeowners are asking how anyone could just blow snow and debris over a wall without knowing what is on the other side.

"I don't know what the hell they were thinking," says Dominick.

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