Matthews Memorial Baptist Church helps with housing in Ward 8

Matthews Memorial Terrace Apartments. (Photo: Matthews Memorial Terrace Apartments website)

A local church helped provide land for a $22.5 million affordable housing project in Ward 8 because it wanted more housing for the elderly.

The generous donation by Matthews Memorial Baptist Church helped 35 families move from Barry Farms to the brand new Matthews Memorial Terrace Apartments.

"It's a new beginning for me, I guess for all of us," said resident Tyisha Payton. "It's way better than Barry Farms, a cleaner environment and a safer environment."

The brand new apartments have energy efficient appliances in the kitchen, HVAC units, a washer, dryer and bigger bathroom and living space.

"The girls have space to run around, have their own rooms," Payton said. "I love the double bathrooms. That's the biggest thing for me."

For Payton who is unemployed, the housing is a blessing.

"They zeroed our rent balance and we've just stuck with our electric bill," she said.

The other 64 families moving into the affordable housing complex will be the working poor and senior citizens.

The rest of the funding came from the affordable housing stimulus package, city tax dollars and tax credit investors.

More information on resident applications is available at


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