Massive chess pieces, rocks thrown from roof of DC apartment building

(Courtesy of Nathan Kron/Twitter)

DC Police are investigating a bizarre incident in which they believe four suspects hurled giant chess pieces from an apartment building roof to the street 11 stories below.

It happened early Monday evening at the Senate Square apartment building near 2nd & I Streets in Northeast Washington.

The roof of the building featured a giant chess board with 32 pieces. One resident estimates they weighed about 15 pounds each.

The suspects threw the pieces off the roof, smashing several car windshields and causing a chaotic scene.

Bottom floor resident Peter Likus says it all started when he believes the suspects threw a rock down at his dog, which was in an enclosed area just outside his apartment.

“[It sounded like] a loud explosion,” he said. “The dog ran into the apartment. We thought it was a car accident. We came out and looked and [the rock] is what we found. And that’s when the chess pieces started flying off the roof.”

No one was hit by the chess pieces, but that was fortunate because residents say someone could have either been seriously injured or killed.

Likus says he was told the suspects likely followed a resident with a key fob into the building and then went to the roof.

As of Monday night DC Police said no arrests had been made.

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