Silver Spring med center that treated apt. fire victims has front windows damaged by car

Photo of car that slammed through front windows of The Mary's Center on Sunday in Silver Spring, Md. Monday, Aug. 22, 2016. (ABC7 photo)

It’s another hit for the victims of the Silver Spring apartment explosion.

The Mary’s Center on Flower Avenue, which treated them for injuries and provided counseling, had a car come through the front windows on Sunday.

“There was a vehicle parking in our waiting room,” said Chris Guadalupe, who is a nurse manager at the Mary’s Center on Riggs Road in Adelphi, Maryland.

Fortunately, no one was inside and no injuries were reported.

“So some of the vaccines that we had to transport from our Flower Avenue office is predominately here on the bottom tier,” said Guadalupe.

The vaccines have to be kept cold so they were relocated because the power was knocked out. People next door heard it.

“I heard a crunching sound,” said Jim Martin, a witness.

On Monday, patients were showing up and hoping to walk in for treatment. A sign on the door points them to another location a few miles down the road.

“I will have to take the bus to Adelphi now,” said Darryll Burrell, a Mary’s Center patient.

The center that treats underserved communities will have to cram more patients into another facility this week. These are some of the same patients who suffered from breathing conditions and needed counseling following the fire.

“It’s a challenge that we’ve had to adapt to yet again,” said Guadalupe.

It will take about a week to make the repairs, then the boards will come down, the lock will be removed from the front door, and patients will be allowed back to the Flower Avenue location.

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