Maryland state senator accuses former delegate of groping her

Senator Cheryl Kagan. (ABC7)

A former Maryland lawmaker, now a lobbyist, has been accused of crossing the line.

State Senator Cheryl Kagan says she is the victim and says she has video proof that lobbyist and former delegate Gil Genn touched her inappropriately.

Kagan, a Democrat from Montgomery County, says her #MeToo moment was caught on camera and she is sharing the video, which she says incriminates Genn.

Genn says he’s glad the video is out there because it proves he "did not grab or grope her.” (Read Genn's full statement below.)

“He comes over, he puts his hand on my back, he keeps it there for a while, slides it all the way down and does indeed, as I said, graze my butt, my tush, whatever word you want to use,” Kagan says. “I was really uncomfortable I wanted the incident to end, I wanted the interaction to end. He kept talking.”

Sen. Kagan shared her press conference on the incident on Facebook Live Tuesday afternoon. (Note the audio is difficult to understand.)

Kagan says she sought and released the video of the incident at the Castlebay Irish Pub, an Annapolis bar, to prove her claims that Genn touched her innapropriately, an allegation which has rocked the legislative session.

Kagan released this video of the incident from the Castlebay Irish Pub (Kagan and Genn are in the lower right corner):

Genn sees the video differently. He says in a statement, “with the release of this video. It is now beyond dispute that I did not grab or grope her.”

When told of Genn’s response to the video, Kagan says “I have no comprehension how Gil Genn can watch that video and say that it vindicates him.”

Kagan says, “The wrong guy picked the wrong woman at the wrong time. He is a serial harasser and groper.”

Gil Genn released the following statement, denying Kagan's charges in frame- by-frame detail:

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