Maryland man sentenced to federal prison after scamming almost $400K from elderly


A Chillum man was sentenced Monday to 57 months in federal prison after scamming $396,157 in total from elderly victims by lying to them that they had won lotteries or sweepstakes.

Onijah Crighton, 23, was convicted of defrauding more than 100 people with mail and wire fraud. He convinced the elderly that they had won prizes, and needed to pay taxes or other fees before they would claim their winnings.

His victims included an elderly Virginia man who suffered from Parkinson's disease, who Crighton and a co-conspirator targeted for 44 payments totaling around $112,000.

Crighton also admitted that since 2012, he had been using the personal information of elderly victims to sign them up for debit cards without their knowledge.

The Department of Justice asks victims of this kind of elder abuse, or their families, to access resources and information on their website at

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