Man witnesses thief stealing package off stoop in real time thanks to a new app

A resident witnesses two packages being stolen off his front porch in real time thanks to a new app called Kuna. (Photo via surveillance video shared with us by resident)

A thief, who stole two packages off the front porch of a Maryland home in broad daylight, was being watched by the resident.

A surveillance camera captured the man at Juan Sandoval's front door, stealing not one, but two packages.

"I saw him grab them, close the door and walk back to his car," Sandoval told us.

What the bad guy failed to realize was that Sandoval was watching the entire situation in real-time.

An app called Kuna allows remote video monitoring. The surveillance camera, that you install, will pick up movement. The app then sends you an alert, and you can see what the camera sees in real-time.

In other words, Sandoval was a wireless witness from his office 15 miles away.

The surveillance camera and app are a package deal costing about $200. Sandoval hopes the video will help solve the case.

"I hope he gets caught," Sandoval said. "If he goes to jail, he's going to be in there for something worth $25."

So what were those two packages? Gifts for his son, Jonathan's ninth birthday.

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