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'I'm looking for love': Man on quest to find wife offers $1K for help, launches website

One man's drive to find love (Jay Korff, ABC7){ }{ }
One man's drive to find love (Jay Korff, ABC7)
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While I was heading to work a couple years ago, I saw a poster taped to the outside door of a car traveling beside me on I-395. The poster was offering $1,000 to anyone who could find the driver, Dave Greenberg, a wife.

“We were stuck in traffic and you saw one of the signs on my car, you rolled down the window and you are very creative," Greenberg said. "You got me two years later going through Washington."

On that day, a couple of years ago, Greenberg didn’t have the time to stop and chat. He was just passing through town. He lives in Florida. So, I contacted Greenberg through his website,

He said if he ever came through Washington, D.C. again he’d give me a call and maybe I could tell his story. Well, just the other day he called me from the road as he was driving from a family event in Massachusetts down south toward his home in Florida. We met for a quick interview in Arlington near our studios.

Soon after Greenberg pulled into a parking lot in Crystal City and stepped out of his sedan, I asked him to read his poster for me.

“Wife wanted. $1,000 reward. It’s very simple, easy to remember," Greenberg said.

Greenberg is searching for someone to marry. He’s twice divorced and realizes in his senior years that he still believes in love and marriage.

“It’s got to be for love. I’m looking for love. It’s that simple,” Greenberg said.

His approach to finding a soulmate is about as unique as it gets. Several years ago, he started his website

Greenberg says he’s a salt of the earth kind of person.

“I’m a good guy. Reliable, responsible, honest," Greenberg said. "I’m looking for a woman not high style, high maintenance just a regular person like me, down to earth, maybe likes to take a cruise every once in a while, maybe bowling."

While we’re being honest, I asked him if he’s encountered anyone he thought he may marry. He says he has a few things going against him. He says he’s not rich, not religious and one form of travel is out of the question for him.

“The main problem is I don’t fly,” Greenberg said.

He’s tried dating sites. “And they say they like the finer things in life, I skip right over them," he said.

As far as looks go, Greenberg says, “I need a face that I want to kiss. If I don’t want to kiss that face, it won’t appeal to me.”

Greenberg says in his 15 years of being single, he's had a few serious relationships but no wedding bells yet.

“I’m picky. They’re picky too,” Greenberg said.

As Greenberg stepped back into his car, he told me how difficult it’s been getting around Washington, D.C.

“I almost got killed about 13 times while driving around this city,” Greenberg said.

This is a tough place to navigate. But not nearly as hard as finding true love.

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If you think you have a match for Greenberg, he can be reached at

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