Man dies after falling down escalator at Amtrak station in New Carrollton

John Gonzalez/ABC7

A man died after he fell down an escalator at the New Carrollton train station.

An Amtrak spokesperson said the man was found dead just after midnight Tuesday morning by a commuter in the Amtrak portion of the station that's also used by Metro and MARC.

A review of video footage by authorities showed the man climbing up an escalator going down. He then fell backward and struck his head on the escalator upon reaching the top.

Upon discovery, the man's clothing was pinning him to the escalator.

Amtrak Police are handling the case, with Prince George’s County police assisting. Prince George's County police are handling the next of kin notifications.

Police said part of the investigation includes trying to figure out if the victim was attempting to ride public transportation and how long was he lying there on the escalators. No Amtrak trains were running at that time.

Amtrak service was not affected Tuesday morning, though police and detectives were on scene to investigate.

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