Surveillance video released of attack on decorated Marine veteran at D.C. McDonald's

Decorated Marine's injuries after attack (Photo courtesy of Chris Marquez)

Surveillance video of a decorated Marine veteran being brutally attacked was released by D.C. Police on Thursday.

The video shows 30-year-old Chris Marquez attacked from behind as he was leaving a McDonald's on 911 E St., N.W., in Washington.

Marquez was in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and received a bronze star for his heroism.

According Marquez while he was eating at the McDonald's Friday night, a group of young people surrounded him and began yelling about "black lives matter." Marquez says he sensed trouble and ignored them. When he left he was attacked and viciously beaten.

McDonald's says it turned the surveillance video over to police. On Wednesday there were reports that police may not release the video. This is what Metropolitan Police Assistant Chief Peter Newsham said Wednesday about the video.

"If there is evidence associated with the case we will get it out there and share it with the public. You know we have to look at for example with video in cases, the value and the chance that somebody may be able to identify a suspect from that, and once we are able to put that together, and we do have that we will share it."

Chris Marquez told ABC7 News detectives informed him Wednesday that the surveillance video from McDonald's is poor quality and likely will not be released. Since his attackers robbed him and used his credit cards, investigators are focused on those stores and are looking for video there.


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