DC firefighter arrested for DUI, carrying pistol while impaired after 2 motorcycle crashes

(DC Police File Photo)

A D.C. firefighter was arrested last week for carrying a pistol while impaired and driving under the influence after getting involved in two motorcycle crashes.

Michael Huskins Jr., 42, of Crofton, was arrested and charged Nov. 3 with DUI, carrying a pistol while impaired and leaving after colliding.

According to charging documents, Huskins was arrested after police responded to a call around 10 p.m. about an accident involving a motorcycle on the Interstate 695 Bridge in D.C. Huskins was found “stumbling around” and informed the responding officer that he was “looking for my gun,” which he said was a Glock 43.

When asked why he would have a firearm on him, Huskins then presented the officer with a firearm registration certificate and concealed firearm license.

According to the documents, a second officer that arrived on scene said Huskins was a suspect in a previous crash on Newcomb Street, SE, where he collided with two cars before leaving the scene. The complainants did not attempt to stop and confront Huskins because he stated he “was carrying.”

The officers observed that Huskins had “bloodshot” eyes and the smell of alcohol on his breath, the documents said. When they asked him how he was feeling, he said, “I feel great” and added that he consumed only two ounces of wine hours earlier.

Police were unable to give Huskins a standardized field sobriety test at the scene of the I-695 crash due to what they said was a dangerous location. At a police station, Huskins refused to take the test. Huskins then went to a medical center for complaints of pain but refused medical treatment.

The documents said the first officer was able to locate the holster and one seven-round Glock 43 magazine with seven rounds of ammunition at the scene of the I-695 crash. The firearm itself was not located.

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