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Turning soggy and cooler after record heat

Rainy Next Few Days

Hitting 80° on February 21st is a rather large feat from Mother Nature. We broke the record by 5 degrees. More notably: this is the earliest in the year D.C. has ever recorded 80 degrees (records go back 1871).

Now we are in for some big changes!

A cold front is moving through the area Wednesday night. Ultimately it will bring us a few showers overnight and much cooler air will spill into the region. Most of us will be in the 40s tomorrow afternoon. It will be chilly, but that is actually right around average for this point in the year.

Along with the cooler air, rain chances will stick around right through the weekend. It won't rain the whole time, but even when it's not raining, clouds will stick around and we will stay rather gray.

It looks like our biggest break in the rain will be here for Friday. That's the day where I think we'll see a good bit of dry time.

With rain chances scattered across the next several days, it's a great opportunity to download the StormWatch7 App. With the radar feature and "futre radar," you can track the wet weather as it moves closer to you. Stay dry!

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