Louisa police dog killed in the line of duty

She was a valued member of the Louisa County Sheriff's Department and this week, she was killed in the line of duty.

Early Saturday morning, Maggie, a 6-year-old bloodhound, was attacked by a pit bull while tracking a suicidal man in the woods.

Now her handler, Lieutenant Patrick Sheridan, is left grieving her death. Sheridan has had Maggie since she was a 12-week-old puppy. They were joined at the hip. And bonded as partners.

“It hit me yesterday I went out and she wasn't there and she'll never be there again,” Sheridan says.

The eager, 80-pound black and tan dog was known for her love for children and her ability to solve crimes even when humans couldn't.

“She put people in crime scenes that we couldn't do,” says Major Donald Lowe of the Louisa County Sheriff's Dept. “There was no other way to do it, but she did it.”

Alfred Bennett's pit bull Coco is responsible for the attack and he says he wishes it never happened.

And even though that apology has been made, the department is left mourning her loss.

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