Local volunteers work to help people of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Local volunteers work to help people of Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. (ABC7)

"My heart was broken when I saw that," that was Jean Lucien's reaction when he first saw his native Haiti pummeled by Hurricane Matthew.

"There's a lot of people dead there and the water rose so bad," he added. “There's nothing really I can do, but help them."

And that's exactly what he is doing, along with the other volunteers with Life Connection Mission: Haitian Outreach. They are packing bags and giant tubs with necessities to be shipped to Haiti.

"They can't get a break,” volunteer Peggy Lucien said of the people of Haiti. “That country's the size of Maryland. They've had so many disasters back to back, to back.”

A reality the non-profit knows all too well. Established in the 1990s, it was there for the earthquake in 2010. It also started a school.

Right now, it doubles as a shelter. Close to 50 people now call the classrooms home.

Thousands of lives were impacted by the hurricane... That's why Life Connection Mission won't stop.

“The people in Haiti to me are my family,” Peggy said.

“I'm here,” Jean said. “I'm here not just for myself.”

But for his countrymen, his friends and family.

If you’d like to help Life Connection Mission, click here.

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