Local group hits the road to feed kids over the summer months

Local group hits the road to feed kids over the summer months (Amy Aubert/ ABC7)

For some kids, the very sound of the big white bus with Capital Food Bank written along the side, is more like a lunch bell.

“The kids love it!” Said Jennifer Konish with the Capital Area Food Bank. “They peek out their windows, they come running out. A lot of times, they line up behind the bus.”

For the second year, the Capital Area Food Bank is hitting the road. They’re stepping up to keep plates full where there’s a need.

“Lunch is ready!” Konish yelled after pulling into one of the sites.

The bus visits three sites every day during the summer-- two in Woodbridge and another in Alexandria.

“Today we have honey glazed chicken, Jasmine rice, stir fried veggies, mandarin oranges, and milk,” Konish said, reading Thursday’s menu.

The bus is equipped with all the tools to keep both hot and cold foods safe. The group says feeding the kids a healthy meal is a top priority.

“Oh! That juice is juicy!” Konish said, after helping open a container of oranges for one of the kids.

“It’s during the summer months and they might not have that hot meal during the day, so it is so rewarding to see these kids run up to the bus and get them a full balanced meal,” said Antonio White, who works with the Capital Area Food Bank.

After lunch, the group tries to focus on activities for the kids.

“We have a series of games that we play. We try to focus most of them around nutrition education,” Konish explained.

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