Va. Grandma completes 38 consecutive tennis single-matches breaking Guinness Book Record

Local Grandma completes 38 consecutive tennis single-matches breaking Guinness Book Record. (ABC7 photo)

For Bonnie Vona, the tennis court had started to feel more like a second home this July Fourth weekend.

"It feels pretty good, I have to say, it feels pretty good to be out here," Vona said, in regards to hitting the court for several days in a row. "I'm always open for an adventure and this certainly has been and a very rewarding one," she said.

She says it's rewarding with each swing of her racket, as she raises awareness and money for military families.

"Compared to them, this is just an insignificant effort," Vona said, of military service members.

The 61-year-old grandmother set out to beat the Guinness Book Record of most consecutive singles matches, aiming to raise enough money for 24 scholarships for children and spouses of military service members.

"This was the court that I was on right here," she said, pointing to a court over her shoulder. "It's very safe, for me. I was thinking about all of those people out there serving our nation that are not in these kinds of conditions."

She passed her goal of more than 36 matches on Saturday.

"That was a pretty exciting feeling, I got goosebumps, I started crying a little bit," she said.

After each hour of playing, she hit a five-minute break.

"The feet, I can still feel a little tenderness, especially when it rubs on the outside of the shoe," she said, pointing to her feet.

Thanks U.S.A. hosted the event, along with a July Fourth family festival, aiming to raise money for scholarships for children and spouses of those in the military.

Vona says her games were just a small effort to serve awareness and funds for military families to take the next step.

"A lesson for my grandkids. When they're challenged with something, to go for it and try it," she said.

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