Lisa Radogno: Beloved Hill staffer's death may be connected to hit-and-run

    (WJLA) - Lisa Radogno was a longtime Capitol Hill staffer, and on Tuesday night, the 31-year-old was in her D.C. home on the phone with a friend when she suddenly had trouble breathing and talking.

    He called 911 for her, and when rescuers arrived, Radogno could not manage to open the door herself – so crews broke it down in order to get to her. She was then taken to the hospital unconscious and not breathing.

    Neighbors say sadly, they had no idea she was in any trouble.

    "Just seeing that and me being just down the hall, it's very alarming...I had no idea something like this had happened," said Nakia Leggett.

    According to Radogno’s colleagues, she died of a massive pulmonary embolism that may have been a complication from a hit-and-run accident last month. Radogno was reportedly struck while in a crosswalk, and had injuries to her arm and her leg. She had been recuperating back home in Illinois until just recently.

    The beloved Capitol Hill employee’s boss paid her an emotional tribute on the Senate floor:

    "I would say that Lisa Radogno was one of the brightest lights of my Washington office. She was such a strong supporter of mine -- even stronger than myself," said U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.

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