LGBT sites blocked on Montgomery County computers

When Jed Millard researched a resolution on gay marriage last year for the council member he works for, he noticed he was blocked from accessing some websites.

“I ran into a lot of roadblocks during my research. It was tough to find legitimate sites on the issue,” Millard said.

Websites with information on gay, lesbian and transgender issues are blocked on their work computers. The filter is meant to block pornographic or inappropriate content, but also catches educational or advocacy sites.

Millard reported the issue to the counties technology department and within hours that problem was fixed. But he says several mainstream LGBT sites are still blocked, said to be pornographic when they're not.

“As a gay employee I find it disconcerting,” Millard said.

At least five gay and lesbian sites were blocked in a test by WJLA. Other county employees say sites like YouTube are also blocked.

The county says a filter system is in place to ban employees from accessing porn, dating or gambling sites. Still, some sites slip into the wrong category.

The county says when such errors are raised, they contact the vendor to remove the filter for particular sites.

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