Larry Johnson, Maryland inmate, escapes custody and stabs two

A Maryland state prison inmate assaulted two people and led authorities on a 12-mile chase through Garrett County before being recaptured Tuesday morning, officials say.

Maryland State Police officials say that 38-year-old Larry Johnson, an inmate at the Western Correctional Institution in Cumberland, is facing a litany of charges after Tuesday's incident, which left two people stabbed.

The entire incident began just after 7:30 a.m., while Johnson and other inmates were on a work crew on Interstate 68 near Exit 19 in Grantsville. Authorities say that while he was under supervision of prison officials, Johnson got into the passenger side of a Division of Correction fan and began stabbing an officer, Robert Goss Sr., in the torso with a pair of pliers.

Johnson then tried to drive away in the van, but the van and the trailer attached to it quickly jackknifed. Immediately after that, Johnson allegedly flagged down another driver, identified as 22-year-old Alan Gnegy, who was stabbed in the head and dragged out of his car.

The suspect then drove off in Gnegy's car and led to a chase on Maryland Route 495 for about 12 miles. The chase ended when Johnson lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. He was not injured in the crash and was immediately taken back into custody.

Gnegy, a Morgantown resident, and Goss both remain hospitalized for stab wounds. No state troopers were injured in the chase. Gnegy told investigators he slowed down and stopped for Johnson because he thought he needed assistance.

Among the charges Johnson is facing are attempted first-degree murder, first degree assault, carjacking, car theft, first-degree escape and multiple others.

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