Kids with cancer to gather in DC for candlelight vigil

Curefest (WJLA)

The director of the U.S. Secret Service came out to personally apologize Saturday night after agents kicked a childhood cancer event out of Lafayette Square in September.

This time the candlelight vigil went off as planned.

Called "A Night of Golden Lights," the vigil was part of the childhood cancer event Curefest, and was originally scheduled for September 19th.

But even though organizers had a permit, that night Secret Service agents made the group leave Lafayette Square because President Obama was travelling to and from a nearby speech.

The group was forced to leave behind its stage and sound system, and instead had to hold the event outside the park using a megaphone and cell phones for lights. Those who came were unable to hold a candlelight vigil just outside the White House fence as planned.

At the redo event Saturday night, Clancy was invited to speak to the crowd. He apologized and said the Secret Service had learned from what happened.

Before speaking to the crowd Clancy talked briefly with ABC7.

"Our folks are doing what they're expected to do and what they've been taught to do," Clancy said. "And we learned too. We learn from every incident and everything that goes on here at the complex, and this is another area where we're going to learn from it."

Clancy said he wanted the focus of the night to be on the kids, who he said were an inspiration to him.

Some who attended Saturday's vigil who were also there in September said that, in the end, what happened may have been a good thing.

"We got publicity all over the world because of it," said Linda Verdone, who has a granddaughter battling cancer. "And that means a lot for our kids."

"I'm glad it happened last time," said Natasha Gould, an 11-year old from Canada battling brain cancer who travelled to DC a second time for Saturday night's event. "I'm just glad that we're finally getting the attention this cause deserves."

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