Students head back to school in Fairfax County

(Photo, ABC7) 

It is back to school for the largest school system in the DC area. Nearly 20000 students here in Fairfax County returning to class earlier than ever. Before Labor Day.

The new superintendent says it's a chance to get more work in before the winter break

"I had this opportunity in another district and families loved it, state and national level," says superintendent Scott Brabrand.

At Robinson Secondary in Fairfax the day started with a pep rally. Students greeted by the Ram cheerleaders and drum line. The school theme this year, simply put: "dude be nice".

"We just think school has to be a balance," says Robinson Secondary School principal Matt Eline. "It should be fun, it should be a place you want to come [to]."

The 10th largest school system in the country is also dealing with a school bus driver shortage. Over 1600 buses but only 1200 drivers.

Many of those buses dropped little ones of at Fairhill Elementary near Merrifield, where students were welcomed back in style. A Red carpet and Fairfax County fire fighters ready to greet.

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