Kevin O'Toole, injured firefighter, released from hospital

Kevin o'Toole, center. (Photo: Suzanne Kennedy)

A smiling Kevin O'Toole left the hospital Friday after more than 50 days of treatment and 10 surgeries. He says he’s feeling pretty good.

On February 24th the volunteer Bladensburg firefighter was critically injured in a fire that was intentionally set.

He had second and third degree burns over nearly 50 percent of his body. It's been a grueling rehabilitation, which included numerous skin grafts.

“When they rolled me in that night I made a commitment that this isn't going to take me,” he says. “I'm going to fight my way through this. I'm going to get back to who I was.”

O''Toole has been a volunteer firefighter in Bladensburg for four years. His chief says he was in awe at O'Toole's stamina during the 22-year-old's hospital stay.

“The drive that he has is unparalleled by any means and definitely is an example of a true hero,” the chief stated.

On Friday, back at the house, O'Toole had a celebrity status among his fellow firefighters.

“That night was pretty tough,” says Capt. Kyle Schultz. “We didn't know what was going to happen. I'm glad to see everything came through and he's going to be just fine.”

He has a long road ahead, but will face it with a new found positive outlook.

“I got a whole new lease on life,” he says.

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