Keith Washington seeks new trial

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP/ABC7) - A former Prince George's County police officer who shot and killed a furniture delivery man is seeking a new trial and a reduction in his original sentence.

Keith Washington, who was also a county homeland security official, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and first-degree assault in the January 2007 shooting, in which Brandon Clark was killed and a second delivery man, Robert White, was wounded. Washington claimed the men attacked him first.

Washington will get a post-conviction hearing in Prince George's County on Wednesday and Thursday. Washington claims his lawyers made mistakes in his defense, and prosecutors hid evidence. The first witness Wednesday was David Jordan Jr., a paramedic who responded to the shooting and examined Washington.

"He had swelling under eyes and swelling in the lips. From my experience, yes, he was hit more than once," Jordan testified.

Prosecutors then produced photos of a seemingly unharmed Washington and told the judge that the jury had all the information they needed.

Prince George's State's Attorney Communications Director John Erzen said, "We oppose a retrial. We oppose a reduction in sentence... in today's hearing that is what we are doing. We are defending the outcome of that trial, which was a conviction."

Washington's wife told ABC7 off-camera that she stands by her husband. She says the shooting was justified.

The hearing is expected to go into next week. If he doesn't win, Washington is also appealing his conviction to the federal court.

He is currently serving a 45 year sentence.

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