Man found guilty of 2nd-degree murder in fatal shooting of PGPD detective

This image provided by the State of Maryland shows Michael Ford, one of the three suspects involve in the shooting of Prince George's County police officer Jacai Colson. The gunman, Michael Ford, 22, was expected to survive, along with his brothers Malik, 21, and Elijah, 18. All three have been arrested and will face dozens of charges between them according to police. (State of Maryland via AP)

A man has been found guilty of second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Prince George's County undercover police detective Jacai Colson.

In March 2016, police say Michael Ford opened fire on the District 3 police station in Palmer Park while his brothers shot video of the incident in a nearby car.

During a shootout, Prince George's County Officer Taylor Krauss shot Colson, saying he mistook him for the shooter.

On Monday, Krauss told his side of the story, describing hearing shots, spotting shell casings and carrying a rifle in hand as he crossed a parking lot to confront the shooter, but he saw Colson, who was undercover, with a gun.

Colson shot Ford, ending the ambush, but Krauss perceived a threat and shot three times — the third one fatal. Through tears, he testified how he ran down the street after learning he’d shot a cop and immediately recognized Colson.

The trial continued Tuesday and in the front row was Colson’s parents, who heard Krauss’s story in-person for the first time.

Colson's parents say the blame Ford, but also want Krauss charged in their son's death. They previously filed a lawsuit against him and Prince George's County.

The Prince George's County Police Department, along with State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, held a press conference following Friday's guilty verdict:

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