Ivy City residents speak up against proposed tour bus parking lot

    Judge Judith Macaluso came to see Ivy City with her own eyes. It’s one of the District’s poorest neighborhoods fighting City Hall’s turning the ground around historic Crummell School into a tour bus parking lot.

    “They always did what they wanted to do to Ivy City and I hope they put a stop to it,” says Brenda Ingram-Best.

    The city already parks hundreds of school buses here, plus other city vehicles. Residents complain they’ll now have fumes from tour buses.

    “I have siblings who have respiratory problems,” says Stephen Scarborough. “I’m totally against the idea.”

    “My daughter is asthmatic. Literally yesterday she had dark circles under her eyes,” says Peta Gay Lewis.

    Judge Macaluso would not answer questions.

    “It’s not a press conference,” she says. “This is just a viewing so I can understand the content in the courtroom.”

    Activists have taken up the cause.

    “They went ahead and started construction,” says Parisa Norouzi.

    What if the city loses in court?

    “Let’s see what happens,” says Mayor Gray. “It’s pending at this stage. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to comment on it until this has been settled.”

    Judge Macaluso will hear the case again in her courtroom Thursday.

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